Bullhorn Quotes

What the critics said about Bullhorn:


Finnish: ‘Englantilaisen Edition Recordsin julkaisema Bullhorn sisältää tunnin verran entistäkin parempaa Pohjolaa: itsevarmempaa, kiteytyneempää, keskittyneempää ja jossain määrin myös kypsempää’. HELSINGIN SANOMAT

English: ‘Bullhorn, released by the British label Edition Records, includes an hour’s worth of the best Pohjola thus far. He’s more confident, crystallized, focused and also somewhat more mature’.

Finnish: ‘Tämä levy voisi olla yksi niistä kymmenestä kotimaisesta, joita saisi ottaa mukaansa loppuelmää varten autiolle saarelle’. ILKKA

English: ‘This album could be one of those top ten desert island releases from Finland’ ILKKA NEWSPAPER

Finnish: ‘Kaikkihan on niin suhteellista, mutta kyllä siinä soiton ytimessä leijuessa tuntui, että tämä on maailman parasta jazzia’. AAMULEHTI (KEIKKA-ARVIO)

English: ‘Everything is subjective, but as the sounds of the Verneri Pohjola Quartet enveloped me, I got the feeling that this is the best jazz in the world’. AAMULEHTI (Concert reviews)

Finnish: ‘…tämä levy opettaa rakastamaan itseään’. SUOMIJAZZ

Finnish: ‘De egenskaper eller bitar som bildar ett angeläget musikerskap har Pohjola länge haft i bagaget, men på Bullhorn är bagaget kanske bättre sorterat än någonsin’. HUFVUDSTADSBLADET


‘This album takes its place among the truly finest albums of recent times’. JAZZWISE ****

‘This is a beautifully executed, and quietly surprise-packed set’. GUARDIAN ****

‘The third album from leading Helsinki-based composer, bandleader and trumpet player Verneri Pohjola is the one that cements his move from longtime rising star to international jazz heavyweight’. LONDON EVENING STANDARD ****

‘Something now from someone who is on the brink of becoming one of the most exciting and original musicians of his generation. Definitely a name to watch out for in the future…I think this record is set to shift Verneri from a rising star to an artist of real substance’. BBC RADIO 3, JAZZ LINE-UP

‘His third album is beautifully crafted and marked by a very personal style’. OBSERVER ****

‘While Pohjola’s 2011 album, Aurora, on the ACT label was a bit of a favourite of mine, this feels a lot more focussed and an even bigger step up in the jazz league’. THE JAZZ BREAKFAST

‘This is powerful, emotion packed music that repays repeated listens. Pohjola’s very personal sound on trumpet, both intimate and occasionally austere combined with a un-clichéd melodic sense gives an added force to this fine album’. LONDON JAZZ NEWS

‘Advanced in his playing and compositionally capable of writing convincing anthem-like melody cased in oblique structures but managing to avoid tricksiness…’. MARLBANK


German: ‘Warum der mit phantasievollen Chorussen glänzende Trompeter bei uns bislang nur Kennern vertraut ist, bleibt rätselhaft.’ FONO FORUM ****

English: ‘Why this brilliant trumpeter with imaginative choruses is so far only known by connoisseurs over here, is puzzling.’ FONO FORUM ****

German: ‘Vor allem besticht diese hoch energetische CD durch ihre Klangschönheit.’ CONCERTO (Austria) 4 ½ STARS

English: ‘This highly energetic CD especially captivates through its sonic beauty.’ CONCERTO (Austria) 4 ½ STARS

German: ‘… über allem thront Pohjolas kraftvoller, unmittelbarer Ton.’ AUDIO

English: ‘… above all towers Pohjola’s powerful, direct tone.’ AUDIO


‘Trumpeter Verneri Pohjola seems to revel in the big, expressive pronouncements. The trumpeter’s notes always seem fat and with the deceiving calm of waves concentrically spreading outward’. BIRD IS THE WORM *****

‘Pohjola’s sometimes lyrical, sometimes strident approach to his instrument combined with his talent for varied, strong and inventive writing makes for a hauntingly irresistible album’. ALL ABOUT JAZZ ****


‘Pohjola’s trumpet is fluidly melodic and constantly inventive throughout the album and Aki Rissanen on piano is an excellent accompanist, supplying well-placed substantial chords and interweaving phrases’. THE AUSTRALIAN